Apply For Rental

Below is information that will be required when applying for the rental.

Income Recommendations

By default, the recommended income level to qualify is 4 times the rent amount.

For guarantors, 5 times the rent amount is  recommended.

Tip! Costs to Consider:

• Income to rent ratios

• First month’s rent, Security Deposit
and Rental Commission (if applicable)

• Application fee of $25

• Moving costs

Complete A Rental Application

You’ve found a property to rent. Be prepared to act quickly. Your Coldwell Banker Realty agent will ask you to access an online secure rental
application system, powered by National Tenant Network (NTN). You will be provided a secure link to access.  In order for a smooth application process, which includes a credit check, you must have the following documentation ready to begin:

• Your social security number

• Your driver’s license or state-issued ID card

• Employer’s information

• Addresses and landlord’s contact information of
your last two residences

• The legal name and valid email address for any
co-applicant, if applicable

• A credit card to pay the application fee ($25)

The online application process collects your information, employment and rental history. The information is analyzed and a report is provided to the landlord of the rental property with a score. To learn more about the screening process, visit